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Aero Messenger

Stay Connected and Keep Your Loved Ones Informed While You Travel

Tired of loved ones worrying about your flights and being in the dark about your travel updates? Aero Messenger by happyfares keeps you connected, providing real-time flight notifications on WhatsApp and email. Say goodbye to uncertainty and let us keep you informed throughout your journey. Here's what you can expect from Aero Messenger:


What will you get update on?

Notification to Loved Ones on Flight Take-off

Notification to Loved Ones on Flight Landing:

Update Traveler on Departure Gate

Alert on
Flight Time Change

Baggage Arrival
Information to the Traveler

Notification to Loved
Ones on Flight Diversion

Alert On
Flight Cancellation

Before Departure


Choose Aero Messenger today and keep your loved ones well-informed while you travel

For a price lower than your airport coffee, you can experience peace of mind and enhanced communication. Don't let distance separate you from your dear ones - stay connected with Aero Messenger.

Book your next flight with and opt for Aero Messenger

during the booking process. Enjoy a worry-free travel experience, knowing that you and your loved ones are just a notification away from staying connected.

Travel Peacefully with happyfares Areo Messenger

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